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How to Balance Dialogue with Narrative Descriptions and Action in Writing

How to Balance Dialogue with Narrative Descriptions and Action in Writing

One of the challenges of writing fiction is to balance dialogue with narrative descriptions and action. As writers, our goal is to tell a story that captivates the reader and conveys a message. To do this, we need to use dialogue, narrative descriptions, and action in a balanced way.

Dialogue is what the characters say to each other or to themselves. It shows their personality, feelings, relationships, and goals. Dialogue should sound natural, interesting, and unique for each character. It should also move the story forward, reveal new information, or create conflict.

Narrative descriptions are the details that paint a picture of the scene, the mood, and the characters. They should appeal to the senses and make the reader feel immersed in the story. Narrative should not tell what the characters think or feel when it can be shown through dialogue or action.

Action is what happens in the story that creates tension and conflict. It should be clear, logical, and meaningful. It should not be used to create false drama or suspense when it does not serve the plot or the character development.

The balance of dialogue and narrative depends on the genre, style, and goal of the story. Some genre of stories, like romance or mystery, may use more dialogue to show the characters and the plot. Other types of stories, like fantasy or historical fiction, may need more narrative to create the world and the atmosphere. Think about the genre, style, and goal of your story, and use dialogue, narrative descriptions, and action in a way that works best for it.

Here are some instances of writing that exhibits a good balance of dialogue, narrative descriptions, and action. You can read more writings like these and use the method to your own writing to achieve balance.


He leaned closer to her ear and whispered softly. "I love you."

She felt a surge of emotion in her chest and turned to face him. His eyes were dark and intense as they searched hers for a sign of reciprocation. She smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck. "I love you too."

The kiss was gentle at first but soon deepened as they poured their feelings into it. They broke apart only when they needed air. He rested his forehead against hers and stroked her hair. "You're my everything."

She looked into his eyes and saw her future there. She knew he meant every word he said. She felt a warm glow in her heart as she whispered back. "You're mine."


She drew her sword and faced her enemy with a defiant glare. He was a towering beast with horns, scales, and claws. He roared and charged at her with his massive mace.

She dodged his swing and slashed at his leg. He howled in pain and kicked her away. She rolled on the ground and got up quickly. She saw a weak spot on his chest where his scales were missing. She waited for him to attack again.

He swung his mace at her head with full force. She ducked under it and ran towards him. She jumped on his chest and stabbed him in his heart. He gasped and dropped his weapon. He fell to his knees and collapsed on his back.

She pulled out her sword and wiped off his blood. She looked around and saw her allies cheering for her victory. She raised her sword in triumph and shouted with joy.

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