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Submission Process for the Crosswords Noble House

Crosswords Noble House is proud to uphold a selective, high-quality publishing model. We intend to amass a diverse collection of insightful, influential books that align with our mission. Here is a detailed outline of our submission procedure:

Step 1: Initial Submission

Please submit for consideration the following materials:

    • Query : Include a concise and compelling summary of your manuscript in your query letter. Include a brief author biography in the query letter, including any pertinent personal and professional information as well as any prior writing credentials. In addition, please describe your marketing plan and presentation deck campaign strategy to illustrate how you intend to promote your work.


    • Synopsis: Please provide a thorough yet succinct summary of your manuscript. This section should outline the story’s major plot elements, character arcs, and general direction.


    • First Three Chapters: Finally, please attach the manuscript’s first three chapters. These should be thoroughly edited and available for review, providing us with a glimpse of your writing style and the potential direction of your book.

Step 2: Review

Our editorial staff will review your submission to evaluate the quality of the writing, the marketability of the manuscript, and its compatibility with our mission and vision. Due to the volume of submissions we receive, this process may take a minimum of 12 weeks. We appreciate your understanding during this delay.


Step 3: Full Manuscript Request

If we believe that your work would be a suitable fit for Crosswords Noble House, we will request the full manuscript for a more in-depth evaluation.

Step 4: Proposal

If we determine to proceed after a thorough review of the manuscript, we will create a detailed proposal. This will include a cost breakdown, proposed royalty rates, and an editorial, design, production, marketing, and distribution strategy.


Step 5: Contract

We will provide a contract outlining our respective duties, responsibilities, and rights upon acceptance of the proposal. Before signing, we encourage authors to consult with legal counsel to ensure they thoroughly comprehend the terms.


Step 6: Distribution

After the contract has been completed, we will proceed with the publication process. This includes professional editing, design, and production of the highest quality, as well as strategic marketing and distribution.

We appreciate your interest in Crosswords Noble House and eagerly anticipate reviewing your submission. We wish we could publish every worthy manuscript, but our commitment to a selective publishing model means we can only accept a small percentage of submissions. Thank you for your comprehension.


Formatting Guidelines

Each document in your submission package must strictly adhere to the following formatting guidelines:

    • Font: Times New Roman
    • Font Size: 12
    • Line Spacing: Double-spaced
    • Page Margins: 1 inch on all sides

Each document should be saved as a separate file, either in PDF or Word format. Please name your files using the following format: “[YourLastName] [BookTitle] [DocumentType]” (For example, “Smith_GreatNovel_Manuscript”).

Before submitting each document, double-check that it adheres to these guidelines. Submissions that do not adhere to these requirements will not be reviewed.

After preparing your submission package in accordance with these guidelines, please submit it to [email protected].

We ardently anticipate examining your submission.

We appreciate that you are contemplating Crosswords Noble House as a publishing partner.