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Crosswords Noble House Rights Management

Crosswords Noble House is familiar with the complexities of publishing rights. It is not enough to simply safeguard the author’s intellectual property; these rights must also be strategically leveraged to maximize the book’s potential. Here is how we handle diverse publishing rights:

  • Foreign Rights: We believe that stories have the capability to transcend borders. Our dedicated team actively investigates and negotiates foreign rights sales opportunities. We collaborate with literary agents and publishers from around the world to bring our books to non-English markets, thereby connecting our authors with a genuinely global audience.
  • Audio Rights: Recognizing the increasing demand for audiobooks, we manage audio rights with care. We collaborate with reputable partners to produce audio versions of our titles of the highest quality. By making our books available in audio format, we ensure that readers who prefer to listen to their books can enjoy them during their commutes, exercises, or free time.
  • eBook Rights: The digital revolution in publishing has created new distribution channels for books. We format our titles for all main digital platforms to provide a seamless reading experience, handling eBook rights responsibly. By making our publications available digitally, we ensure that they can be read on e-readers, tablets, and mobile devices.
  • Print Rights: While we embrace the digital, we do not disregard the conventional. We ensure that our books are available in print to reach readers who prefer the tactile experience of reading a printed book. Our printed volumes are meticulously crafted, balancing aesthetics and sturdiness.
  • Translation Rights: We administer translation rights in an effort to make our books available in as many languages as feasible. We employ seasoned translators who can preserve the original work’s essence while making it pertinent to a new linguistic audience.

At Crosswords Noble House, rights administration is about respecting the author’s voice and amplifying it. We adopt a proactive, strategic approach to the management and exploitation of these rights, with the author’s best interests in mind at all times. Our goal is to ensure that each book we publish reaches the widest possible audience in formats and languages that suit their preferences.