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NOBL Digest Issue No. 6 – Instrument of Justice by CB Anslie: Everyone Has a Purpose in Life

Reading and writing are noble pursuits. That’s why we created NOBL Digest, a weekly newsletter that celebrates and supports readers, authors, and writers. Get access to engaging articles, news, and stories that will enrich your mind and spark your creativity.

For CB Anslie, "Writing has always been a passion because the craft of storytelling adds nuance to daily life in totally unanticipated ways." 
Her stories form a chain of interconnected fates of people tied by their familiar abilities. And, while her first novel, The Children of Light, revealed the Arrowson family's ancestral secrets and mystic visions, her second novel, Instrument of Justice, introduces new characters endowed with psychic abilities that they use to save other people.
What would you do if you were gifted with extraordinary psychic abilities?

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“Choose Your Own Ending: Shape the Fate of These Tales!”

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