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NOBL Digest Issue No. 2 – The Secrets of Crafting a Back-Cover Synopsis That Hooks Readers

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Assume you've recently completed your novel. You've put in a lot of effort into every aspect of it, including the narrative, characters, setting, and style. You've edited, updated, and polished it, and you really think it’s time to share it with the world. But first, there is something else you should do. You must write a back-cover summary that entices readers to read your book.

A back-cover synopsis, often known as a back-cover blurb, is a short summary that provides an overview of your book. It's usually the first or second thing people check for in a book after the title piques their interest, and it's your final chance to persuade them that your book is worth their time and money.

But writing a back-cover synopsis that hooks readers is not easy. How do you condense your whole book into a few sentences that capture its essence and appeal? How do you avoid giving away too much without sounding vague or boring?

We discovered these keys to crafting a back-cover synopsis that attracts readers and makes them enthusiastic to read your book after browsing the web and among publishing industries.

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