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Flames of the Heart: Seventeen Romantic Stories Ablaze in Mysterious and Intense Passion

Katie Santee’s “Flames of the Heart” is an extremely erotic book that breathes all of your hidden sexual fantasies and passionate desires into the atmosphere.

“From the loss of innocence, a sexy bus ride across America, a couch potato husband, an affair that starts out incredibly forceful. There are many twists and turns, endings you won't see coming. A story for every bit of the imagination.”

“Flames of the Heart” will take you to places you’ve never been, to situations you wouldn’t have expected, and show you the pleasures you might yet explore.

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Lead, Excel, and Succeed Your Way

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Patrick Gogniat’s “Lead, Excel, and Succeed Your Way” is a practical guide that provides active men and women, teenagers and adults, with a unique set of 33 leadership rules or principles applicable to all walks of life as well as with 5 key rules or principles of self-leadership useful daily.

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