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Emelee’s Invisible Night Stalker: A story based on an actual event

The story of “Emelee’s Invisible Night Stalker” by Clementene Ewell Hughes portrays every little child’s fear when their nightmares eventually felt and sounded so real.

The protagonist of the story is a little girl named Emelee, who, while lying on her bed to sleep, became aware of a frightening presence in her room. She draws the covers up, almost covering her eyes, as she tries so hard to make sense of whoever or whatever it is that makes her feel so frightened. She is unable to see it, but she can sense that it is following her around the room, that its eyes are lingering, that its presence is drawing nearer, and that its footsteps are dragging over the floor. She was aware until it left her room, but she didn’t hear the door open or close. Who could it be? Why did it choose to visit her? Would it harm her family?

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