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Lead, Excel, and Succeed Your Way

Patrick Gogniat’s “Lead, Excel, and Succeed Your Way” is a practical guide that provides active men and women, teenagers and adults, with a unique set of 33 leadership rules or principles applicable to all walks of life as well as with 5 key rules or principles of self-leadership useful daily.

Patrick Gogniat is convinced that many leaders throughout history, particularly in recent history, have unconsciously or consciously followed and lived by specific rules or principles that enabled them to achieve great leadership. Leadership is a real science; has rules and they are valid whatever your profession is or will be. “Lead, Excel and Succeed Your Way” is an insightful guide based on Patrick Gogniat’s personal experience, professional growth and significant research that provides aspiring leaders with key leadership rules or principles to help you lead and live your life on a daily basis in the best way possible.

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