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Alienation: What might have been and What Might be the Future of the World?

Laurence Tysoe’s book “Alienation” treads the line between reality and fiction through the catalytic involvement of aliens in order to bring out the picture of what our world might have been, how it has become, and what it might be in the future.

The story suggests how aliens might have played a role in the creation of the Earth’s inhabitants and their evolution through the ages. From the Earth’s beautiful scenery at the beginning to its relative decline and devastation as people gradually exhaust its natural resources. However, it also suggests the goodness of the human heart as they strive to help each other at times of crisis, such as the COVID pandemic and other humanistic concerns. Added to one of the most pressing issues that the world must address, global warming and its subsequent crisis, it also gives us a futuristic view of the development and resilience of robots as possible human substitutes to carry on the heavy workloads.

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