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Beyond Terror: A Story of Domestic Violence, Survival, and Justice

Raoul Revord’s fiction novel, “Beyond Terror,” stands out for how accurately and powerfully it portrays the complex issue of domestic violence in the society.

In the novel, a trial lawyer faces a challenging case: proving that his client, a battered wife, killed her abusive husband in self-defense. Jean Davis had been trapped in an abusive cycle for years, with no way out. She knew that staying with John Davis meant more pain and suffering, but fleeing him would mean certain death. He would never let her go, he would hunt her down and kill her if she escaped. When she couldn't stand the violence any longer, she shot him. She was then arrested and charged with murder. Her fate now lies in the hands of a lawyer from Michigan's Upper Peninsula, who must piece together the forensic evidence and persuade the jury that Jean was a victim, not a murderer.

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