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The Sword and the Rose: A Mesmerizing Dance Through Egypt’s Mystical Heart

Tara Sufiana’s, “The Sword and the Rose,” takes readers on an enchanting journey into the heart of Egypt’s mystical Sufi culture. From unplanned adventures…

Pummeled to Death by Hamburger: The Tale of a Man’s Lifetime on the Fringes of the Medical Cannabis Industry

David A. Dawson’s “Pummeled to Death by Hamburger” delves into the unconventional story of Michael J. Dunston as he navigates the complexities of the medical cannabis industry, encountering powerful adversaries and facing extraordinary obstacles along the way.

Instrument of Justice: Everything in life serves a purpose

The second book in CB Anslie’s series, “Instrument of Justice,” will remind you that everyone has purpose in life, and you will realize it when the time comes.

Teaching Young Children Life’s Lessons With “The Three Lost Kittens” by Sabiha Rauf

Sabiha Rauf’s “The Three Lost Kittens” is a story that shows children why they should respect their parents and heed their elders’ advice.

Flames of the Heart: Seventeen Romantic Stories Ablaze in Mysterious and Intense Passion

Katie Santee’s “Flames of the Heart” is an extremely erotic book that breathes all of your hidden sexual fantasies and passionate desires into the atmosphere.

Emelee’s Invisible Night Stalker: A story based on an actual event

The story of “Emelee’s Invisible Night Stalker” by Clementene Ewell Hughes portrays every little child’s fear when their nightmares eventually felt and sounded so real.

Lead, Excel, and Succeed Your Way

Patrick Gogniat’s “Lead, Excel, and Succeed Your Way” is a practical guide that provides active men and women, teenagers and adults, with a unique set of 33 leadership rules or principles applicable to all walks of life as well as with 5 key rules or principles of self-leadership useful daily.

Alienation: What might have been and What Might be the Future of the World?

Laurence Tysoe’s book “Alienation” treads the line between reality and fiction through the catalytic involvement of aliens in order to bring out the picture of what our world might have been, how it has become, and what it might be in the future.

Beyond Terror: A Story of Domestic Violence, Survival, and Justice

Raoul Revord’s fiction novel, “Beyond Terror,” stands out for how accurately and powerfully it portrays the complex issue of domestic violence in the society.